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Our Tips and Ideas section is a great resource that’s packed full of boat modifications, maintenance tips, performance sailing and cruising upgrades, and much, much more! Each article is thoughtfully illustrated through step-by-step illustration and video. Plus you’ll find helpful links to suppliers and products.

Fresh Drinking Water

Fresh Drinking Water on Tap!

I clean my water tanks every year aboard my boat, but the water never tastes good. Buying water bottles was our solution, but storing and disposing of hundreds of plastic bottles was not good. To solve the problem…

Prop Shaft Bearing Removal Jig

Prop Shaft Bearing Removal Jig

Removing a bearing is relatively straightforward, or at least it should be? Not always, but this jig makes it so easy! Plus its simple to make with readily available parts from the hardware store.

Custom Fender Cover

Custom Fender Covers

Adding permanent dock fenders is a great way to ensure your boat stays mark-free. We’ll show you how to add fenders but also make soft cozy covers that not only work well but look great!

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