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How to Articles & Videos

Get quick tips for maintenance, repair, boat upgrades & more! Our how-to pages are a combination of how-to articles and videos that not only show you every step of each tip but also inspire you to update your boat both inside and out!

Mounting Hardware on Deck

Installing Deck Hardware

Mounting new hardware on your boat? Inside this video, you’ll see multiple installation tips that help keep leaks to a minimum and protect your deck from moisture intrusion.

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Filling Holes in a Mast

Repairing Holes in a Mast

Thinking about painting your mast and boom, or spinnaker and whisker pole? Learn how to fill unwanted holes first, before you prime and paint!

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Plugging an Old Transducer Thru-Hull Hole

Plugging an Old Thru-Hull Hole

The latest transducers are here! Many of them combine speed and depth into one transducer, leaving you with an extra hole in the bottom. Check out this simple way to plug that extra hole permanently!

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