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Gear & Products

Welcome to our gear and products section. Here you’ll find the latest sailboat gear and accessories, but also revisit products that have been around the block awhile. On top that we’ll show you simple upgrades that improve the performance and safety of your sailboat.

Filling Holes in a Mast

Jiffy Reefing Upgrades

Learn how to update your reefing system with two simple add-ons. Up front, we add a reefing cunningham that simplifies the steps in getting the luff snug. On the boom, we add a new reefing winch so the foot of the main is easily pulled nice and tight. Watch the video for more!

Cam Cleats & Accessories

Cam Cleats & Accessories

The good old cam cleat. They are used all over the place on both racing and cruising sailboats. Although they may seem common, you’d be surprised how many types of cam cleats are available! In this video, we focus on cam cleats and accessories exclusively from Harken.

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