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Repairing a Soft Water Logged Deck

A complete series on how we repaired a soft deck on an O’day 30. This particular boat had a cored deck which was completely delaminated and full of moisture. There are several ways to go about repairing a cored deck. One of the most common methods is to perform the repair from the outside, peeling back layers of fiberglass and replacing the core material. Then re-glassing and spraying new gelcoat and non-skid. Since this O’day 30 had an exterior that was in prime condition, we chose to repair the deck from the inside instead. This kept the gelcoat and non-skid from being altered with the repair.

This series will show you how we tackled our project. Although this was a big project we broke it down into small manageable steps. We also cover the tools and materials we used to complete the repair. Check it out!

Cored Deck Repair: Part 1 of 5

Learn how to repair a rotten deck from the inside out. In this series we cover everything from how we repaired the deck core to the tools and tips that helped us get there. Episode one covers how to locate the problem areas.

Cored Deck Repair: Part 2 of 5

Additional tools that help locate problem areas. Plus we show you how to mark the locations of the bad spots and make templates to transfer the templates to this inside of the boat.

Removing Rotten Deck Core Material

Cored Deck Repair: Part 3 of 5

Removing the old core material. A few special tools made quick work of an otherwise long tedious process.

Replacing Deck Core

Cored Deck Repair: Part 4 of 5

Time to install the new plywood core! Patterns first, then we cut Oukeme marine grade plywood and glued them in place.

Covering Up the Deck Repair

Cored Deck Repair: Part 5 of 5

The structural repair is complete! Now we add these awesome rift-sawn panels with teak trim to make it all pretty again!

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